Oat Milk

I wanted to mention Oat Milk as it has been a game changer for us. Keir has been having oat milk with his cereal in the mornings for about 6 months now. It all happened by accident.  One morning, I was pouring oat milk into my cereal and Keir asked what it was and if he was allowed it. We then checked the back of the carton and noticed that as it had less than 0.5 g protein per 100g so he was allowed it freely.  He prefers it to the low protein milk (Sno-Pro & ProZero)now . He has been very excited that we both share the same milk and we can get it from the supermarket if we run out.

The other day, I discovered that if you brush a little bit of oat milk on homemade bread rolls  before baking , it gives a really nice colour and keeps it soft. See my photo below, ones at the bottom row are brushed with oat milk.imag2140

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