Promin Bread

There is a new favourite in our house – it’s the Promin bread mix!

Low Protein Bread made from Promin Low Protein All Purpose Baking Mix

We got a sample while at the NSPKU conference. Having never tried it before we had assumed it would be almost identical to other low protein bread mixes – and it is in almost every respect. The key difference is that making the bread is extremely easy and can be done when half asleep if using a breadmaker – the water can be added cold and doesn’t need to be warmed prior to mixing, making it a low faff recipe to follow. The bread has come out fluffy and Keir really enjoys it (which is the most important thing)

Promin Low Protein All Purpose Baking Mix for Low Protein Bread

We are using a Panasonic Breadmaker (SD253), Bake Rapid Mode which takes 1 hour and 55 minutes. To make this receipe you only need to add cold water, oil and yeast to the bread mix. I have been reducing the amount of oil I put in – the receipoe asks for 120ml but I have been putting in 70ml with excellent results (see the picture above).

Keir’s Dad


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