Devil’s Food Cake

Low Protein Shortbread

Low Protein Basic Bread Dough

Low Protein Pizza Muffins

Taranis Natural Cake Mix Review and Recipe

Scrumptious PKU Cookies

Low Protein Bagels

Low Protein Flat Bread

Main Course

Fate Original Sausages

Stuffed Aubergine (Imam Bayildi)

Low Protein Meatballs

Taranis Fish Subsitute ‘Fish Finger’

Roasted Celeriac and Bread Sauce

Low Protein Chinese Rice

Low Protein Tortilla Wrap

Low Protein Meal Ideas


Turkish Borek (Potato parcels)

Butternut Squash Falafels and Salsa

Vitabite Easter Egg

Low Protein Rice Cake

Taranis Pancake and Waffle Mix


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