Low Protein Rice Cake

This a quick and easy recipe to make delicious lunch box snacks or light lunch bite served with salad. It is also a good way to use up any leftover cooked rice. I have a pile of recipes that I have picked up from various cookery workshops. I have kept them in a box under … Continue reading Low Protein Rice Cake


Scrumptious PKU Cookies

We have tried out a new Low Protein Cookie recipe from Fate Special Foods.  These cookies were very simple to make and they tasted divine. They had a lovely chewiness in the middle, similar to a honeycomb texture. No crumbling either. This recipe uses golden syrup which gives it a delicious depth to it. I … Continue reading Scrumptious PKU Cookies

PKU Chocolate Birthday Cake

We made a chocolate cake for Keir's birthday this weekend. Everyone enjoyed the cake at the party and couldn't tell the difference from a ordinary chocolate cake. I picked a recipe from one of Nutricia's cookery workshops that we attended. It contains exchanges, please double check the exchange value of your ingredients when baking. My cake had  … Continue reading PKU Chocolate Birthday Cake