Promin Bread

There is a new favourite in our house - it's the Promin bread mix! Low Protein Bread made from Promin Low Protein All Purpose Baking Mix We got a sample while at the NSPKU conference. Having never tried it before we had assumed it would be almost identical to other low protein bread mixes - … Continue reading Promin Bread

Low Protein Flat Bread

A recipe is quick and as tasty this one is always a winner in our household. These flat breads look and taste similar to a Naan bread, we usually serve it straight from the pan with some butter which melts onto it happily. Keir adores these. Sometimes we make them in fun shapes using cookie … Continue reading Low Protein Flat Bread

Scrumptious PKU Cookies

We have tried out a new Low Protein Cookie recipe from Fate Special Foods.  These cookies were very simple to make and they tasted divine. They had a lovely chewiness in the middle, similar to a honeycomb texture. No crumbling either. This recipe uses golden syrup which gives it a delicious depth to it. I … Continue reading Scrumptious PKU Cookies