PKU Family Picnic

This weekend, we went to a PKU Family Picnic organised by Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We all had a fantastic time there. There were low protein burgers, hot dogs, curries, served and a table full of cakes and drinks. All PKU friendly. Keir couldn’t believe his eyes, when he found out that he could eat anything from the tables. He had to check quite few times, ‘am I allowed all this?’. It was a lovely thing to witness.



On our arrival, lovely Anita MacDonald gave us a very warm welcome. There were picnic tables laid out beautifully, barbeque food, and curries ready waiting to be served.  Eileen Green (Fate Special Foods) and her husband were cooking and serving low protein burgers and hot dogs in freshly homemade low protein bread. Chef Neil had made two pots of lovely curries, he was making fresh naan bread to serve with it. The food tasted divine. There was also a table laid out with fruit and cakes. I am still in awe with Eileen’s cakes and decorating skills. The cakes looked and tasted amazing.

After food, Keir and Ella took part in lots of games, they finished the day with water fight. It was really nice to see both of enjoying themselves.

I want to say ‘huge thank you’ from all of us to everyone who helped organise this event and sacrificed their Sunday to make it all happen. It was a truly memorable day for us. It was great for us all to meet other PKU families and enjoy the food all together without any worries.


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