Preparation for Easter – PKU style

We always find Easter a bit difficult when deciding what to do for our son with PKU. We always prepare an easter egg hunt for both our children and try to get some treats that they both like. Keir doesn’t like chocolate in any form (phew) and there isn’t a great deal of choice for Easter looking non-chocolate treats. We always tend to repackage everything into paper mache eggs (usually from Nestler). We still be doing that by filling them with skittles, dried mango and raisins etc. Our son is currently a big fan of marshmallows. The ones we can buy in the shop have to be counted as exchanges so we were really excited to come across Freedom Confectionary. They sell marshmallow products that are either low protein or considered free of exchanges for PKU.

Easter box of goodies from Freedom Confectionary

We have bought a special easter pack from them. It even contained some clues for an easter egg hunt as well which reduces some of our preparation!

I have put a link to Freedom Foods website here: Please check the products nutritional values before assuming they are free or low protein. Please also note that we have not received any inducement, commission or payment for sharing this link. It is purely to share our experience

Thanks for reading, we would love to hear what you do for Easter preperation! – Dad


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