Family Lunch

I wanted to put together a family lunch which we could all enjoy together and was PKU friendly. It was nice to put all of the food in the middle of the table and allow Keir to just help himself for any of the food without any need for weighing. He had a petit filous for his exchanges and tried tiny amount of coleslaw. Coleslaw was very low in exchanges as he had far less than 1/2 exchange so we didn’t count it.


PKU Friendly Lunch
Lunch Served! Menemen,garlic bread, coronation coleslaw…

Here’s what we served:

One pot of petit filous greek style (3.5 exchanges)
Garlic bread: spread some garlic butter on Mevalia Ciabattine and grill
Menemen:  simple but tasty Medetarian dish and usually served with eggs but we left the eggs out. To make this dish, simply saute fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, chargilled vegetables in rapeseed oil. It is lovely served on garlic bread.
Violife Sliced Cheese
Coronation style coleslaw (check packaging for protein content)
Fresh Olives

Menemen: Sauted fresh tomatoes with onions, peppers, olives etc




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