Borek (Potato Parcels)

'Borek's are something I grew up eating and it has a special place in our kitchen. Keir's sister adores them.  Borek is a filo pastry bite which typically is filled with spinach and feta cheese, but my mum also used to make a simple  potato filling too. You might have heard of spinach version with … Continue reading Borek (Potato Parcels)


PKU Chocolate Birthday Cake

We made a chocolate cake for Keir's birthday this weekend. Everyone enjoyed the cake at the party and couldn't tell the difference from a ordinary chocolate cake. I picked a recipe from one of Nutricia's cookery workshops that we attended. It contains exchanges, please double check the exchange value of your ingredients when baking. My cake had  … Continue reading PKU Chocolate Birthday Cake

Sewing – Electronic Scale Cover

I've been wanting to make a cover for Keir's electronic scale for a while. Like all PKU mums, I carry a electronic scale in my handbag all the time for weighing out Keir's food on the go. I felt it needed a cover to protect it from dirt getting into tiny grooves around the buttons any … Continue reading Sewing – Electronic Scale Cover