PKU Bread by hand

I have tested two pku bread recipes today. One using Fate All Purpose Flour and other using Loprofin Mix.


I normally make Keir’s sandwich bread using the breadmaker. Two reasons for this; firstly, it hardly creates any mess in the kitchen and secondly it is very quick. It is the most hassle free way to make a bread from scratch. The only downside of it is that it doesn’t have the best crust ( I might be being fussy), and the shape of the loaf is not very friendly for slicing. It is a tall bread rather than a long. So this morning, I made it my mission to try out a bread recipe by hand.

I made two batches of bread dough. First, I made a Fate Roll. The instructions in the book did seem overwhelming at first. It was very detailed. But there is a very good reason. The dough mix was very similar to cake mix so it was very sticky to handle and shape. Eileen gives a very handy tip by suggesting handling the dough using a flour coated cling film. This method works incredibly well, and the dough becomes manageable and mouldable. I made significant amount of sticky mess in the process but I was in control of the dough which is very important. I did not panic, it was a controlled mess. I used two sachets of yeast (I was given this tip by one of the chefs)  so the proofing didn’t take very long.

I then made another dough mix with Loprofin Mix for a brown bread loaf. Making the dough was extremely easy. I used hand mixer to combine all the ingredients. I again used two sachets of yeast and few droppings of gravy browning which is not in the original recipe. I greased the loaf tin and spooned out the dough mix into it. It was very simple. I then had my doubts, should I be smoothing the top or not. I decided to use a spoon and smooth it out as much as I could and brush the top with olive oil. I might have ruined the bread. I had to wait and see.

Both bread went into the oven at the same time and at same oven temperature. All cooked in 30 minutes. Both bread looked and tasted great. Keir couldn’t stop eating them. Success!




2 thoughts on “PKU Bread by hand

  1. I have just had a look at your PKU recipes and the photos, all look very good.




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