PKU Easter Eggs

Easter Time. Anticipated egg hunts, chocolate prizes are coming. I was very relaxed about it, thinking we will avoid chocolate maybe (false hope) as Keir is not so aware of chocolate yet. I then found out that Keir will be taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt at his nursery and chocolate prizes will be handed out. I quickly realised I needed to make some PKU chocolate eggs.

We attended our first NSPKU annual conference at the weekend (I will write about this in a separate post). Amazingly Vitaflo team handed out some chocolate eggs kits to the parents. How did they know?! 🙂


Ella and I made the chocolate eggs as soon as we could. It took 3 coats to get them into a nice shape. Sealing the egg halves to close was trickier than I imagined.  We found that pressing the edges of the egg halves into a dry heated pan melts the chocolate and gives it a nice straight edge to press together to close. It wasn’t a perfect smooth finish but all sealed well. We filled them with banana chips for a little bit of a rattly surprise and wrapped them in tissue paper and put them in the egg cases which we already had.




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