Low Protein Chinese Dumplings

We made steamed Chinese dumplings for the bonfire night. I made up low protein ones for Keir as he was getting very excited about ours being cooked in the bamboo steamer. How could we leave him out of the fun! So I improvised the recipe and made it PKU friendly. We served sweet and chilli sauce as a dip. It was exchange free so he could help himself as many of these as he wanted.

Here’s how I made them:
To make the dumplings I mixed together 250ml of Fate All Purpose Mix, 200 ml SnoPro and a pinch of salt.

I made the filling by mixing mashed cooked sweet potatoes, chopped fresh coriander,  sauteed mushrooms and shallots, pinch of Chinese five spice, salt and pepper. I made flat discs from the pastry and put the filling in the middle and closed them up by gathering the edges in the middle. The dumplings then cooked in the bamboo steamer over a wok with a little boiling water at the bottom not touching the steamer. We served them with sweet and chilli sauce dip.

I am really pleased how they turned out. Keir really enjoyed picking them up with his fingers and dipping them in the sauce. It was lovely to see him enjoying his food and having fun with it. It just shows that PKU Food does not need to be boring.




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