PKU Cookery Workshop

We attended a Low Protein Cookery Workshop organised locally by Nutricia at the weekend. This is the second workshop we have ever attended as a family. We found these workshop so helpful as we learn new techniques and get to try making the new recipe with the chef in the same room, so we can ask questions if we get stuck or the recipe goes wrong.img_20161022_095340660

The workshop was led by Derek.  He made a rice dish, pea&broccoli soup (exchanges), pea pesto (exchanges) and a scrumptious bread called ‘Black Bread’. All tasted so good, Keir couldn’t have enough of the Chinese inspired rice dish. We then had a go at making one of the dishes. My husband made the Black Bread, it turned out great. Ella helped with mixing whilst Keir was busy creating chaos in the kitchen. Typical two year old 😉


Ready, Steady, Cook

We were so busy eating and chatting with other families unfortunately I didn’t get a chance taking pictures of the food we made.

We have also picked up some lovely new recipe books which includes a booklet for Christmas recipes. I can’t wait to try out.


Both kids also walked away with these lovely Halloween bags filled with baking tools.





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