Samosas (Low Protein)

I made some low protein samosas at the weekend. Keir loves these and any left overs freeze very well. I pop these into his lunch pack in the week for the nursery. The original recipe comes from Fate Recipe Book but I had to slightly change it as I wanted to use up what I already had in the cupboard. That is the great thing with this recipe, you can make it up as you go along.

I first made the filling by frying some crushed garlic, small diced carrots and a handful of chopped mushroom until soft and added a half a teaspoon of curry powder mix. I then popped in the sweet potato mash which I had already defrosted and heated it all up before removing from heat and leaving it cool down.


Next I made the dough. I had run out of Fate All Purpose Flour so I used Loprofin Mix instead. It still made a lovely dough.


Next job was to shape the samosas and fill them with the curried vegetable mix before frying. Shaping them was a little tricky as the dough was breaking up whilst shaping.  I worked the dough with little bit of the flour which worked very well. I shaped the each ball into a round disk and cut it in half. Each half then shaped into a cone and filled with the yummy curried vegetable filling. I then sealed it with wetting the edges of the dough with water.


I then shallow fried each samosas in a preheated frying pan. I served them with avocado, tomato and cucumber salad. Keir scoffed the samosas, salad was for me 🙂


I will post the original recipe here very soon.


One thought on “Samosas (Low Protein)

  1. This is great. Thank you.

    My daughter is on a low protein diet also as she has a condition called arginaise deficiency and can only have around 36gms protein a day.


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