Low Protein Fate Omellette – Plain

This morning we decided to make some omellettes with the left over roasted potatoes from last night. Our 5 year old Ella, loves helping with making the omelette so I had a bit of lovely help. We had a go at making Fate Omelette for Keir as well. I left it plain as he is only 20 months old and just getting used to new tastes.
The batter was pretty easy to mix even with a hand whisk although the butter was straight from fridge; -the recipe suggests it should be room temperature so it is easier to work. The only thing, I had trouble with was that I found it tricky to spread the mix with the back of a metal spoon to create the very thin texture whilst cooking in the pan. The spoon was sticking to the mix and creating holes where I stretched the mix with it. I didn’t get exactly a round thin omellette either but still tasted very good. Our non-PKU daughter Ella wanted to have some with Keir because it tasted so good. We served it with cucumber, tomatoes and a little touch of ketchup. Keir really enjoyed it so did Ella! 🙂

Low Protein Omelette Mix

Low Protein Omelette Mix

Low Protein Omellette

The recipe came from Fate Cookery Book and it is free food with no exchanges (this is based on UK PKU guidelines). Please let me know if you have any questions or find out more.


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