PKU Cooking Workshop London

Today I went along to the PKU Cookery Workshop in London. There were around 15 people (parents & grandparents) as well as the dieticians and the nurse from GOSH. The workshop was run by the Nutricia team. The Nutricia Chef (he called himself a cook) gave little demonstration on how to make two basic dough recipes which can be used to make many dishes. Then we all had a chance of trying out the recipes ourselves.
We learned to make bread dough and shortcrust pastry. With the bread dough we made flat breads and butternut squash falafels. Butternut squash filling can be used as filling for making sausage rolls, rolled inside flat breads with salad or used with various dippings as finger food. It was so simple yet very tasty  which whole family can enjoy.
The other dough we learned to make was shortcrust pastry. This pastry can be used to make various things savoury and sweet and frozen in quantities. We made sausuage rolls using the butternut squash  as filling, and biscuits sweetened by using jam and other toppings.
I was very pleased to get the chance of making the dough whilst the chef was around. I am now confident that I can create the perfect dough at home again. It’s been a very good experience. I will publish the recipes here soon but if you have any questions please let me know, I will do my best to answer.


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