PKU and Camping at a Music Festival

We went to a music festival this weekend. Keir really enjoyed staying up pretty late to listen to the music. His preference is very clearly rock music!

To make life as simple as possible we took food for him and had in our mind some substitutions if they were available from any of the food vendors there and if Keir wanted them.

We took enough PKU Gel to cover us for the weekend. For protein we took breakfast cereal, UHT milk, petit filous and crisps. Chips were available from some of the food vendors and as Keir loves chips so we allowed him to have them. To make sure we weighed the chips properly we took our digital scales and a thick hardback book to put them on.

To ensure he was full we also took plenty of free food – bananas, apples, protein free bread rolls and raisins. He asked for jam in his bread roll, which we forgot to take with us. Keir then asked for banana slices in his bread roll instead, he really enjoyed it.

Overall probably not the healthiest weekend for him and for us but we don’t go to music festivals that often!

Eating PKU Gel
Enjoying PKU GEL at the music festival whilst cuddling his favourite teddy bear.

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