PKU Christmas Party

It was Christmas Party time at Great Ormond Street Hospital on Saturday. We started early in the morning, after a long motorway drive and a 45 min tube ride (mostly standing whilst holding a wriggly 2 year old and a very tired, teary 6 year old) we arrived at the main hospital. We made the full journey and we got there on time. Hurray!

On the tube

A magician/children’s entertainer was just starting his magic show. Ella made her way quickly join the other children on the floor but Keir was more hesitant and unsure of the whole thing and sat on the edge of our lap holding on tightly making sure we didn’t leave him. Nikki (the metabolic department nurse from GOSH who organised this lovely event) made an announcement welcoming all PKU kids and parents. She then introduced Eileen from FATE Special Foods and and Becki and Claire from the Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust. Eileen is the creator of Fate products and lots of yummy Low Protein recipes. She has raised two girls with PKU. It was so lovely to meet her in person and try out the food she made from her recipe collection. She stayed for the whole party so parents could ask questions about Low protein cooking and get some advice. I think this was a lovely gesture.

Becki is another inspiring woman who created Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust after very sadly losing her precious little baby. Now she helps others who have a child with a metabolic disorder. It was so great to meet her in person and say a ‘huge thank you’ and give her hug.

I cannot put into words how brave and generous these women are but I will  add links here on my blog so you can read their stories on their websites and hear it from them with their own words.

Both with their presents from Father Christmas
Both with their presents from Father Christmas

Back to the party. After the children watched the show and had nibbles from the buffet, Father Christmas arrived. All children had their names read out and walked up to Father Christmas to collect their presents. I missed Keir and Ella receiving their presents as I was talking to Becki Burns at the time but Keir walked up to me with huge grin on his face, proudly holding a gift wrapped box probably the same size as him which made me smile.

Christmas Decoration at GOSH
Christmas Decorations at GOSH

Read Eileen’s story

Read Becki’s story


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