PKU Gel is a supplement by Vitaflo. They come in 24 g sachets. Your dietitian would have advised you how many of these you or your child will need to take a day. Keir needs 3 of these a day. One to be taken with each meal. They come in plain or different flavour packs. Keir likes the Raspberry flavour ones.

In my ‘PKU useful information’ folder  which I collected over two years, I found some instructions on how to prepare and store the gel. I found this very useful at the beginning but thankfully I know it by heart now. I thought some of you might find this useful.


How to prepare PKU Gel or Drink

Step 1
 Empty the contents of the sachet into the beaker provided, plus 1/2 FlavourPac sachet if required.

Step 2
For gel: Add approximately 30ml of cold water
For drink: Add approx 80 ml of cold water

Step 3
Secure lid and shake well for 10 seconds

Step 4
For gel: Leave to stand for 2 minutes for the gel to form.
For drink: Drink immediately.

This product should be freshly prepared and when possible used immediately. However unused portions should be refrigerated and used within 24 hours – reshake before use.




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