Birthday Suprise

Keir will be three on Tuesday (28th). We received a nice surprise from Nutricia in the post this week; a parcel with Keir’s name on it. Inside there was a birthday card, a recipe for a birthday cake and a packet of Loprofin Mix. What a lovely gesture! Thank you Nutricia for thinking of us!

My plan was to bake the cake today in case it failed. If I started today, I would have enough time to make few more attempts by Monday night. I have to confess I am not a great baker. I have not made many birthday cakes with success and never even attempted to decorate one so I was little apprehensive about making a low protein cake. It is like a double challenge bake for me.

This morning, as I was heading towards the kitchen to make a start, I heard my husband call over. He was changing Keir’s nappy. ‘Oh oh’ I thought. Poor Keir had blisters all over his nappy area. Shriek! Little I realised we had another surprise brewing up for his birthday. Chickenpox!  I’d better make his cake extra special.




2 thoughts on “Birthday Suprise

    1. Thank you. He had it badly and it was worst on his actual birthday. He is so much better now. I am glad it is done and over. We didn’t get his phe results though so I have no idea how it affected his levels.


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